Diagnosis  ●   Causation  ●   Care Review  ●   Treatment Redirection  ●   MMI  ●   Impairment Ratings  ●   Work Capacity  ●   Litigation Support


Saguaro IME offers the following services:

We carefully and thoroughly examine the patient to establish his/her medical state. Once that has been established we assess if the patient can make a full recovery and approximately how long that will take.

Causation/Work relatedness
Along with the thorough medical exam we interview our patients to establish the causes of whatever medical issues they may have.

Care Rendered Review
We review the conclusions, treatments and medications provided by the treating physician to ascertain whether or not the patient is on the appropriate course to recovery.

Treatment Redirection
Based on our conclusions of the care rendered assesment, we may suggest more effective alternate treatments for the patient.

MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement)
Based on the examination, the treatment rendered, and the patient's medical condition we conclude if the patient will make a full recovery or not.

Impairment Ratings/Apportionment
If the patient is unable to make a full recovery we rate the degree of impairment.

Work Capacity/Return to Work/Fit for Duty
Upon evaluating the patient's medical state, treatment, or state of recovery we can then conclude if and when the patient is ready to return to work and in what capacity.

Litigation Support
We provide the following litigation support services:

  • Attorney Consults
  • Assistance with understanding medical/scientific issues
  • Medical Chart Review
  • Opinion Testimony
  • Literature search and analysis
  • Depositions and expert testimony
  • Medical Records review and Consulting opinion
  • Peer Reviews
  • Future Care needs
  • Bill Review
  • Medical Expert Witness

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